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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Welcome to The La Jolla Group's Blog

As my first post to The La Jolla Group blog, this will be short. So much is going on in politics today, that I hardly know where to start. How about a list of active projects:

1. Fair Share Initiative to support the Governor's Gaming Compacts

2. Chula Vista Height Limit Petition

3. Chula Vista Elected City Attorney Petition

4. Several statewide petitions

and coming soon ...

5. San Diego Charter Amendment (strengthen the Mayor's office)

6. Alcohol Ban Referendum, "Ban the Ban III" (will they never stop taking our rights!)

We have several candidates for next year, who are not ready to announce.

And of course my volunteer work as the Chair of the San Diego Community College District's Citizen Oversight Committee. This work is a passion of love, as Mesa College gave me my start in education and politics.

So more soon on each of these subjects and so much more.