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Monday, November 12, 2007

Ban the Ban III - Will They Never Learn!!

Well the City Council is at it again.
The Police Chief said we don't need it; the Mayor said I don't want it; but the City Council insists on taking away the rights' of 99.99% of the citizens to try and police the 0.01% who cause trouble.

How can that make sense??

Yes, the remaining law abiding citizens will follow your new law, but the trouble makers who are already breaking several laws to cause trouble, will not be impressed with your newest proclamation. You need to "police" the situation and you will solve the problem. Yes, it costs money. When you attract a Quarter Million people to the beach, 6 million per year, you need to provide services at the 'event.' Use the same ratios you would require of the X Games; or a Concert. Hold yourself accountable to get the job done!!! Don't take the easy way out.

And don't tell me it's just a one year test. There is nothing more permanent than a temporary law!

Will there be a referendum?? We will see.

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