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Tuesday, October 9, 2007


It's time ... time for OKTOBERFEST!!!

Here in San Diego County our best Oktoberfest is in La Mesa. Wow. The Beer Gardens are rock'n and the suds are flowing.

Now if only we could import a few of these Beer Garden waitresses. And look at the size of those MUGS!!

The only think better would be if the Padres were in the National League Championship. But no, bad call at the plate and now all we have is the beer to cry in!

The Chargers have turned it around on the field, but still no hope for a new stadium. It now appears that the power plant operating on the Chula Vista site that the Chargers are interested in will not be shutting down soon. Tough to play football in the middle of a power plant.

I have heard that the power plant staying put is just an SDG&E ploy to generate more support for the Sunrise Power link they are pushing in East County. Now the Feds want to step in and take over the permitting process to save the project. Yeah the Feds were a big help protecting us from the Power Rape that happened years ago. I trust them ... to screw us!

Oh, all the more reason to get back to the beer!


1 comment:

COCO said...

That is an awesome picture! Those mugs! If I had it my way, this is how I would live all the time!
Germany and Oktoberfest are so fun!