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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Padres Lose ... All Is Lost!!!

OK, maybe I am a little over dramatic. But when you are starting the Cy Young winner Jake Pevey and you fight to a 2 run lead in the 13th with future Hall of Fame closer Trevor Hoffman on the mound, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO WIN!!!!

Oh well ... its not my life and its not my wife. Say hey Willie. We will win it all next year!!

OK, back to real life.

The world of politics is so interesting. We have tribes with new compacts, and tribes opposed to those tribes trying to stop them. So much for ethnic solidarity. The new compacts look like a great deal for the tribes who stepped up and negotiated a solution. And they are great for the state ... so why all the drama???

I say support the new compacts. Support the tribes who were willing to put up more ca$h for the state, we need it. Let's not spend millions on a election just to start over with the negotiations. Support Indian Gaming ... Do NOT sign the Referendums!!!


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